Client Services

I make myself available for the following types of projects:

  • Income Tax Preparation for S-Corporations, LLC’s, Partnerships, Trusts, and Individuals
  • Software setup and support for QuickBooks, Adobe Acrobat, Excel, ManicTime, Retrospect, Office 365, Drake, SonicWall, and many other small business software solutions. 
  • Data security systems
  • Help with tax reporting for Singapore, Hong Kong, Zuhai, and Shanghai based expatriates.


Accounting Software Selection & Implementation

Selecting the right accounting software can affect your success.  When starting a new business I recommend you address the question: what does “accounting” mean anymore? 

Things are changing fast.  At a minimum, your software should assist you in staying on top of income, payroll, sales, use, property, and whatever other types of tax compliance you are responsible for. It also needs to provide for your regulatory compliance reporting such as W2’s, K-1’s, and 1099’s. 

But what about data security, document archival and retrieval, contacts management, system backup, online banking, sales management, inventory, fixed asset management, depreciation, cloud collaboration…?  Trying to do all that with a spreadsheet (as I’ve seen people try) is, at best, difficult. 

Think of accounting as the information engine for your business.  For it to run right, requires some effort in designing and setting up that engine.   I’m a certified QuickBooks Pro advisor.  I’d be happy to help you set up QuickBooks.  QuickBooks is a good choice to deal with much of, but not all of, the considerations I’ve mentioned.  You might try using a database to store and quickly retrieve documents, and use Adobe Acrobat to capture documents to PDF.  Microsoft Outlook works well for contact management.  Maybe you’d prefer to create an internal, unpublished, website to keep your organization tidy.   I’ve extensive experience with Adobe Creative Suite products to assist you with that type of setup. 

Security and disaster planning should be part of your business plan from the get go.  Offsite backups, drive encryption, and disc imaging, are all tools you aught consider. 

I can help you with the business startup or revamping your accounting. Reach out to see if we make a good fit. 




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QuickBooks Pro Advisor

I am a QuickBooks Pro Advisor ®. I can assist you in QuickBooks ® Setup, Training, and Reporting.

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Systems Security

Ask me about backup and security planning. I have extensive experiance with Retrospect and Acronis backup software, SonicWall firewall appliances, QNAP NAS devices, and Wasabi cloud storage.

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Business Succession and Valuation

Letting go of that business you've built mighy not be so easy. Contact me for help in determining the value of your business.

You should take a hard look at the tax effect of selling or winding down your business before you make the plunge. I can help with that. 

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Project Planning

Financial project planning.  I can help tailor your planning for targeted results.

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Tax Services

Business and Individual Tax Planning & Preparation

I prepare income tax returns for individuals, S-corporations, partnerships, LLCs, and fiduciaries.

I also set up automation of payroll reporting systems.


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Tax audit, late filer, & penalty assistance

I assist those who are troubled with compliance issues.

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Expatriate Tax Assistance

I assist Singapore and Hong Kong residents with reporting their United States taxes.

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